The Plastic Waste Crisis Exacerbates the Climate Crisis

Made of fossil fuels, plastic pollutes all along its lifecycle—from the extraction and refining of raw materials, to the manufacture of an indestructible product used for mere minutes, to disposal, too often in a landfill, incinerator or our natural environment.

Silicon Valley Reduces helps local food service businesses and shops reduce the amount of single-use waste that leaves their doors by making it easy for customers to know which businesses allow them to bring their own clean reusable containers to fill.

How It Works

The idea is simple. Businesses that accept BYO containers put our sticker in their window, letting their customers know they can shop with their own containers, hassle-free. We also list the businesses here.

Find a Business

Looking for a local café, restaurant or bulk store that allows you to use your own containers? View the list here. If you know of a BYO business that you don’t see listed, please contact us.

Get Involved

Silicon Valley Reduces needs you! Individuals can help us add more businesses to our listings and get the word out. Businesses can get involved by contacting us. We would love to have you on board!

“During the pandemic we wanted to support local restaurants but hated the idea of single use containers. With your new program we were encouraged to order from China Wok, conveniently located in our neighborhood. Great food, great service and no qualms at all about our containers. Win win!
Thank you SO, SO much! This is a wonderful resource.”

— Kim j

Plastic Pandemic

Reusables are safe to use during the pandemic, according to a group of over 100 health experts, including virologists, epidemiologists and academics from 18 countries. Read their statement here.


Silicon Valley Reduces launched in October 2021 as an easy way for individuals and local businesses to work together to reduce single-use plastic and packaging waste in and around Silicon Valley.